There are 4 built-in reports in Welle - User Accounts & Roles, Users Without Managers, Orphan Accounts and Access Review Results.

User Accounts & Roles

This report lists down all users and their assigned roles. Managers or application owners can make use of this report to validate assigned roles offline.


Users Without Managers

This report lists down all the users found without managers. Administrators will be notified via emails and are expected to assign managers to users.


Read Users and Email Templates for more information.


Orphan Accounts

This report lists down all the orphan accounts found from all applications. Application owners can make use of this report to clean up the accounts in their applications.


Access Review Results

This report lists down the actions taken by all reviewers for a particular access review campaign. Sometimes, IT auditors will request for this report for auditing purpose and to follow up on remediation actions carried out in the subsequent year.



Only campaigns that have been the Closed will appear here.